About Bareface

In our selfie-obsessed world, the face has become a brand, a product to be marketed and promoted. the face we put out there has been carefully crafted to evoke desire, to seduce, to sell a fantasy. This stark observation is the inspiration behind Bareface’s work, a series of illustrated portraits and reworked images of famous faces. Bareface strips his images from their original context and playfully reworks them in a way that forces us to focus on nothing but the face. And while we stare at his portraits, they look back at us, with an acted confidence and false sexuality, slowly revealing its lie.

Bareface’s most striking image might actually be his self portrait. An unsettling blank canvas that invites you to fantasise your own image of him. Allowing you to customise his face to your liking and thus creating the perfect product.

Bareface is a London born artist with an obsession with Pop Culture, Pop Art and Street Art. His work quickly gained recognition in the UK and internationally when he started pasting his eye catching self portrait and art pieces around London. This earned him a pace in the Global Graffiti and Street Art collective The Secret Society of Super Villian Artists (SSOSVA). Bareface is also a member of local community based creative group Heath Collective.

His reputation is rapidly rising with various shows in the UK, Australia and the US in the past 2 years.


STICKER PHIENDS – A GROUP EXHIBITION: 11-13 September 2015, Stone Malone Gallery , USA (Group Show)

#streetpop: 15 August – 4 October 2015, Matthews yard, Croydon, UK (Solo Show)

Royale With Cheese – A tribute to Tarantino: 7 – 30 August 2015, Art Boy Gallery, Australia (Group Show)

Art Meets Music: 18 June 2015, The Arch Gallery, London UK (Group Show)

Art No Cube Presents #streetpop: 5 June – 4 July 2015, Number 90 Bar, UK (Solo Show)

Shoreditch Live Presents #streetpop: 4 June 2015, Sclater St, London, UK (Solo Show)

Heath Collective: 30 December – 26 January 2015, Matthews Yard, Croydon, UK  (Group Show)

#cardboardhustlers: 30 October 2014 – present, Kindred Tattoo,  Essex, UK (Group Show)

Fanboy vs Artboy – The Fantasy World of Jim Henson: 21 November 2014, Art Boy Gallery, Australia (Group Show)

Halloween Art Show: 31st October 2014, The Wahl Art Supply, USA (Group Show)

Stick-n-Move: 30-31 October 2014, Percolate Gallery, USA (Group Show)

Cut to Pieces Sticker Art Show: 6 September 2014, That Wahl Art Supply, USA (Group Show)

Riddle Me this? – Batman Tribute Exhibition: 31 August – 20 September 2014, Art Boy Gallery, Australia (Group Show)

Uneek Walls: 8-13 Juy 2014, Urban Coffee Co Birmingham, UK (Group Show)

Art Is…: 24 May – 31 August, The Misfitted Hub, Birmingham, UK (Group Show)







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