Riddle Me This? – A Batman Tribute

There was a call out to submit some pieces for a Batman tribute show at a gallery in Australia. I had a few pieces before which were quite popular on social media so I figured… “What the heck!” tag them in a Batman post I did and see what happens.

It turned out they loved it and I went ahead to produce them and get them sent (£30 OUCH!).

A few weeks later I had not heard that they had received it and I was getting a little worried as it was close to the deadline. I checked the tracking on the website and it said it had been delivered to an address in Malaysia and has not been collected and if it its not collected soon it will be sent back to the return address.

My heart sank. Malaysia?! WTF!

I got straight on the phone and they assured me that they have sent it to the wrong place and they Malaysian Post Office will forward on to the correct address in Australia. This meant that it would miss the deadline so I had to explain what has happened and hope I will still be able to make it into the show.

Artboy Gallery were really cool about it all, I guess they are used to this kind of thing happening, or they are just super laid back. A few days later I got an email from them. Good news and bad news. Good news is the package arrived the bad news is that its smashed to pieces 😦

My heart sank again!

But we came up with a plan and worked out a way to get me in the show so I was pleased and excited to be part of what looked like an amazing show!

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