The Boy Who Would Be King 2.0

I was going through my old work and came across this…

The Boy Who would be king

I wanted to give it a new lease of life so with my new toy (Wacom Tablet) I got to work on revisiting this piece. I wanted something that encapsulated everything about Michael Jackson a more human Jackson. I wanted to capture the sadness he often speaks about of his childhood and also his adult life.


I am so happy to say that it got picked up this a popular Michael Jackson fan site

The moral is that it really pays to share

3 thoughts on “The Boy Who Would Be King 2.0

  1. Dear Bareface,

    This portrait of Mike is beautiful.

    It made me shed a tear when I first saw it, man. So lovely and poignant. It conveys so much about Mike in such a simple way. At least that is some of what I see in it. Really Beautiful.

    Your other portraits are equally as compelling.

    Would there be any way I could buy a print, T shirt/jersey, or poster with this image?

    I don’t have Facebook or twitter, but my email address should be below?

    Thank you in advance and keep that talent flowing, homie!



    1. Hi Robert
      Thank you so much for your kind words. It really put a smile on my face!
      Yes you can have a print of this piece. I am currently doing test runs at the moment but should be ready by this time next week so I will get back to you with costs and delivery.

      Thank you again!

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