We need to catch up!

WOW! its been well over a year since I last blogged?! A lot has happened since we last spoke but I will get to that in a moment.

Firstly I wanted to monologue for a while abut my disappointment in myself, why? cause I gave up.

I had finally raised enough money to get History of Hip-Hop screen printed (on a Gildan Soft Style T-Shirt) and proudly took it with me on holiday to Thailand.  The Trip was an eye opener on a number of levels but what hit home was how big the t-shirt game is out there (which is not surprising as its a hot country!). There were t-shirt stalls everywhere and even malls had whole floors dedicated to amazing bespoke t-shirt designs. I should have been inspired but I found it all a bit overwhelming and found myself questioning my designs. I got scared.

I came home feeling flat and unsure if my designs would be good enough to make an impact in an already over saturated market and to top it off I didn’t have the money to do a proper job, so I gave up.

Fast forward 6 months and after hitting a few exhibitions with friends they convinced me not to quit but to change focus. They said I should concentrate on making great pieces of work that can be used on different platforms; weather it be art print, canvas, stickers or t-shirt. Bareface is a graphic artist not a clothing label, and really all I care about is doing good work.

My creative spark has returned.

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