Bareface Thought

So here we have yet another T-shirt company! Bareface has probably been 20 years in the making from when I first caught the t-shirt bug and became obsessed with NBA related t-shirts. Then it went on to more geekier themes such as movies, superheroes, vintage concert t-shirts.

My collection grew and so did my love for design which I ended up studying further. But the main driving force was a recent flurry of t-shirt designs for a circle of friends when it was our birthdays and promo t-shirts for my DJ alter ego Nicky.D. But I never took myself seriously as I was such a fan of t-shirts and never thought of actually contributing to something I loved.

AND THE SHE DUMPED ME… A recent split gave me a creative spark and I locked the door and went into creative isolation and just started to design. I came out with so many concepts and I thought f!@k it gets some balls and DO IT!

Bareface Is not a get rich quick scheme it’s me expressing myself creatively and sharing it with you. I hope you enjoy my work as much as I enjoy the creative journey.

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