Birthday wishes to a King and a Queen

This week has been the birthdays of the Queen of Smooth – Sade and King of the Ring – Muhammad Ali. Here are a few portraits I started a while back but finally finished. As always a small run has been made up and if you are interested then drop me an email.

Sade_Sheet2 Ali_Sheet

Elvis has left the building

Another portrait subject that has been on my list for a while is Elvis Presley. I used this to try out new techniques and blending modes. I am pretty pleased with the results and made a small number of prints. If you are interested drop me an email


80s Pop Royalty

I have always wanted to do a series with these pop icons, the idea has been kicking round for a long time and I am glad I finally got a chance to do it. I am a big fan of the whole artwork on vintage book or music paper and really wanted to have a play with it myself.

I have made a small run of these A4 prints. If you are interested then please drop me an email :)


The homie The Funky Junky asked me to do a portrait of Method Man from the WU for a possible merchandise idea. Was pleased that he shared with the man himself and I got the seal of approval!


I needed to spruce up my walls at home so I made up a print



I have made a very small run of this print if you are interested in buying one please send me an email.

The Son of Kyrpton – An experiment

I have been itching to work on a Superman piece. I wanted to push my work a little and play with blending options to see what kind of overlay effects I would produce. I had no idea how it was gonna come out and it but it was a learning curve.

I have a very small run of this print. If you are interested in buying one please drop me an email :)

Stick n Move Art Show

I was so pleased to be asked to be part of the Stick n Move Show in Philly in the USA. The show was based around wheatpastes and stickers. So I sent over a selection of my favourite pastes and slaps I had. The exhibition when well and was nice to showcase my work in a different way.