Pasteups that go bump in the night

With Halloween just around the corner me and the home girl Helen Martin hit up Brick Lane and Shoreditch in London with our Halloween themed art. I hope the photographers and street art lovers find them and love them as much as I do.


Bareface X Redman

There is something to be said about social media, especially Instagram, its really changed my world in such a short space time. Connected me with some many like minded people in such a short space of time.

I got hit up by the good people of The Funky Junky in Germany and he explained that he liked my work and that he is the tour Merchandise designer for the rapper Redman and he wandered if I would like to do a few commissions for him. I agreed and my first project was a portrait of Redman. I was really pleased with how it come out and it seemed that Redman did too as he used it as his profile pic on Instagram!


Bareface The Heartbreak Kid

I was so happy to grab and handful of 70s teen romance comics. I have always wanted to have a go at Barefacing this style. I came up with a nice little series which was really fun to do and I hope I will get to create more.


You are such a Muppet!

Riding high off the sale from the previous show at the Artboy Gallery in Australia, I submitted for their next tribute show which is a show dedicated to the works of Jim Henson. I was a huge fan of The Muppets Show so I had to do something related to them. I wanted to create a number of Pop Art pieces that included my favourite characters and sayings.

I had another idea that I never got time to finish as it was out of my budget. I wanted to create a real life record cover that parodies Dr.Dre’s Classic Hip Hop Album “The Chronic” but using The Muppets Electric Mayhem Character Dr.Teeth.

I hope to complete this one day… maybe for another show in the future.

OMG I think I am having a RAP ATTACK – Part 2

After months of waiting they are finally here and in my hands! I couldn’t wait to go out and slap them around town.

Shout out to AMR SIGNS for the hook up

If you fancy a set then hit me up with a comment

Bombing Brick Lane

I finally grew a set and plucked up the courage to take my art to Brick Lane in London, paste it up on the walls and be a part of the visual expression that makes Brick Lane so exciting. It was so much fun and such a freeing experience, and finally feel that “I am here!”

This is going to be a problem as its so addictive. Looking back at the photos it still has not sunk in that I have done it. It would be cool to see if people respond to it and find me from what I have pasted.

Cut to Pieces – A Stencil Art & Wheat paste show

So again thanks to the wanders of social media I was able to submit and be accepted into another art show, this time in California at the Wahl Art Supply Store. This was the first time I would be able to try out Wheat pasting which is something I have been fantasizing about since visiting Brick Lane in London.

After countless hours of research on how to cook the paste and what the best paper was to use. I managed to produce something that looked pretty OK for a first attempt.


OK I lied it was not my first attempt I ruined at least 4 board trying to get this right LOL but after seeing it amongst the other amazing art works I have to admit that I do have the bug now and want to do wheat pasting FOR REAL!

photo-2 20140906_214247