OMG I think I am having a RAP ATTACK – Part 2

After months of waiting they are finally here and in my hands! I couldn’t wait to go out and slap them around town.

Shout out to AMR SIGNS for the hook up

If you fancy a set then hit me up with a comment

Bombing Brick Lane

I finally grew a set and plucked up the courage to take my art to Brick Lane in London, paste it up on the walls and be a part of the visual expression that makes Brick Lane so exciting. It was so much fun and such a freeing experience, and finally feel that “I am here!”

This is going to be a problem as its so addictive. Looking back at the photos it still has not sunk in that I have done it. It would be cool to see if people respond to it and find me from what I have pasted.

Cut to Pieces – A Stencil Art & Wheat paste show

So again thanks to the wanders of social media I was able to submit and be accepted into another art show, this time in California at the Wahl Art Supply Store. This was the first time I would be able to try out Wheat pasting which is something I have been fantasizing about since visiting Brick Lane in London.

After countless hours of research on how to cook the paste and what the best paper was to use. I managed to produce something that looked pretty OK for a first attempt.


OK I lied it was not my first attempt I ruined at least 4 board trying to get this right LOL but after seeing it amongst the other amazing art works I have to admit that I do have the bug now and want to do wheat pasting FOR REAL!

photo-2 20140906_214247

K.O.P tributes

It was a real shock and an honor when my best friend Nikkie Riozzi said she was going to get my recently titled “The Sadness of King Jackson” piece tatted on her. It turned out really great!

photo 1 photo 2

Also around the anniversary of his death I worked on a few new portraits which surprisingly enough got picked up (again) by Michael Jackson World Network which is the largest UK fan site. It was so nice of them to feature me again like that I was not expecting that at all. Its nice that I am getting some positive feedback from what I am putting out into the universe.







Riddle Me This? – A Batman Tribute

There was a call out to submit some pieces for a Batman tribute show at a gallery in Australia. I had a few pieces before which were quite popular on social media so I figured… “What the heck!” tag them in a Batman post I did and see what happens.

It turned out they loved it and I went ahead to produce them and get them sent (£30 OUCH!).

A few weeks later I had not heard that they had received it and I was getting a little worried as it was close to the deadline. I checked the tracking on the website and it said it had been delivered to an address in Malaysia and has not been collected and if it its not collected soon it will be sent back to the return address.

My heart sank. Malaysia?! WTF!

I got straight on the phone and they assured me that they have sent it to the wrong place and they Malaysian Post Office will forward on to the correct address in Australia. This meant that it would miss the deadline so I had to explain what has happened and hope I will still be able to make it into the show.

Artboy Gallery were really cool about it all, I guess they are used to this kind of thing happening, or they are just super laid back. A few days later I got an email from them. Good news and bad news. Good news is the package arrived the bad news is that its smashed to pieces :(

My heart sank again!

But we came up with a plan and worked out a way to get me in the show so I was pleased and excited to be part of what looked like an amazing show!

OMG I think I am having a RAP ATTACK

Way back in the summer of 2013 I created a little project called Rap Attack which was a mix of typography and digital illustration.

Since then my style has evolved a little and I have always been meaning to revisit it in some way. Since I have been getting popular on the Sticker circuit. I thought about making a proper set of stickers that can be purchased. And why not revisit the characters I used in Rap Attack or create new ones.

Here are my first few characters. I tested this out on my instagram page and it went down well so I think I will develop this one further. Hopefully these will be ready by Christmas.