I was so honored that the guys at A New Street Art wanted me to send them some stickers for the MTL SLAPS – International Sticker Expo in Montréal, Quebec on April 17th 2014. I just wan to say a huge thank you to them and all the other great artists that took part!


Can you see me?


Check out more pics here





Its always sad when your childhood heroes pass away. This WWE character really captured my imagination with his infectious energy as a kid and was pleased to read that he continued to be a motivator to after his career in the ring. Rest in Peace Ultimate Warrior!

Eazy Dubz it

26th March also marks the anniversary of the death of one of the O.G’s of Gangsta Rap (thats a lot of “of’s” lol) Eazy-E. Here is my tribute to the man that taught me to “Stay True to the GAME”



I know you got SOUL

We have been experiencing some great sunny weather over the last few weekends and this kind of weather always put me in the mood to spin some old Soul LP’s. This then inspired me to give my favourite Soul artists a Bareface makeover

Batman Returns

After a much needed break, I wanted to revisit the whole minimal superhero series after the success of the last one to see if I can push it further a little.

I wanted to choose a universe that has a number of different characters so who better than the Batman Universe!

Was good fun revisiting this style and breaking things down to their bare minimum.

Talking all that Jazz!

This is an old mini-series I started but didn’t quite finish. I wanted to move on from my Miles Davis cover I did a while back and give myself more of a typographic challenge. (click images below to view gallery)

I hope I get to carry on with this series one day